Preparing for your Bridal Hair Trial


Just like a wedding rehearsal, a bridal hair trial is absolutely necessary for beautiful wedding day hair!  There are some simple steps you can take to make sure it goes smoothly – follow the 10 tips below for success:

1)    Allow enough time for your appointment: about 60-90 minutes.  Do not plan your Bridal Trial on a day you have another event or other important obligations to get to immediately afterwards.   This is a time to practice and experiment with different styles.

2)    Bring Pictures: Start by checking out Bridal magazines for pictures of styles you prefer.   Be sure to look for pictures with hair texture and color that are similar to your own so that your stylist will have a reference point.  This also helps to create a clear picture of your vision.  Narrow your choices down to 5 images or less.

3)    Bring any hair accessories: including your tiara, flower veil, and/or hair adornments, etc. that you plan to wear on your big day.

4)    Bring pictures of your dress, flowers, wedding style, etc. this will help to create a full picture of the type of look you are going for.  This information will aid the stylist in finding a look which best suites the style of your dress along with your face shape, hair color, and texture.

5)    Come with your hair clean and dry: don’t waste your time with the stylist by having your hair blown dry during the appointment – you could be spending that time creating a style.

6)    Do not use a flat-iron on the day of your trial if you plan on a curly style:  the way you prepare your hair for your trial is the way you will need to prepare your hair on the morning of your wedding day.  For example, if your hair is curly and you go to your trial with it blown out straight keep in mind that is the way you will need to have your hair on the morning of your wedding. These things need to be discussed and decided on ahead of time with your stylist.

7)    Wear a shirt with a neckline and color that are similar to your dress:  you’ll be able to see how your hair style will fall on or around it. 

8)    Bring only one trusted person along with you: someone whose opinion you value is appropriate; bringing too many people along can cause confusion and chaos.

9)    Don’t focus on flyaway and frizz: the trial is a rough draft of your final style.   It is a time to create a look that works for you on your special day.  Make sure you use your trial appointment time wisely – don’t focus on things that  will be perfected on the day of your wedding.

10) Be open to suggestions and working with your stylist to find the best look!