Stocks and Bonds and Hair?

Most people have some sort of investments right? Maybe a 401k at work, or an IRA – basically some kind of account that makes money work for you by earning interest, dividends, etc. Now these types of accounts can be complicated – there are a lot of options which all yield different results. Assuming you know what result you want, how do you make the decisions that will get you there? Do you go to a Financial Advisor, or rely on another financial professional to guide you in these decisions – or maybe even to manage the account for you? All signs point to Yes!

Now, if your account has been looking good /outperforming the market and all that, you don’t tell them to move all of your money out of stocks and into bonds do you? I don’t think so. So why would you tell your hairstylist how to do her job? A hairstylist, just like a Financial Advisor, spends all day/every day doing just that one thing, concentrating on only that which they are paid do to – that which they have been trained to do! For me, it’s HAIR. That is my all day/every day. It’s what I do, what I study, what I have experience in, what I focus on, and strive to know all that I can about. So why, why would someone who spends their all day/every day doing something (other than hair) try to tell me how to do my job differently? Because they do, all the time, and I just don’t get it LOL!

If you really want to help your stylist, feel free to pick out a picture of the end result you want to get to. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words! However, you do need to start by finding one that is already within the realm of your hairs natural characteristics. For example wavy hair = wavy style, straight hair = straight style, unless you really want a dramatic change and are ready for the steps (yes steps, not all things can be achieved in one appt.) to get your hair there. For example, if you have naturally curly brown hair don’t pick out a picture of a pin straight blonde unless you are prepared for some steps to get it there and a lot of timely maintenance to keep it looking good too.

Trust in the professionals that you hire and work with them so that they can help you to meet your goals. If for some reason what you want can’t be done, I am sure they’ll have other recommendations or suggestions that you can both be happy with in the end!

If not, you can always count on Social Security and wigs as a plan B right?! Ha!!!

All my best,