Have Hair Will Travel

Packing is a chore, but if you plan ahead it will go smoother. If you are headed to an island include a hat for cover, hair sunscreen, and extra conditioner along with your other beach necessities. Also be sure to remember your frizz serum, oil, pomade, etc. and you’ll never have a “Monica” moment on an island again!

If you’re off to a colder climate instead, pack tight fitting hats and pony tail holders to keep your ends protected from winds and freezing temps. A pony tail, without the ends pulled through, can help protect them when wearing a hat. Same goes if you’re doing some motorized sports – keep those ends from whipping in the wind!

My biggest travel gripe? Hotel hair dryers! I mean really, what good are they? Has anyone ever stayed in a hotel that had a legitimate dryer?! If so, please chime in through comments and let me know! In my experience, they either suck your hair into the back where they chew it up until it burns OR they won’t dry at all! You have no hope of a nozzle attachment or diffuser lying around, as if you’d even want to touch your own hair with it anyway LOL! So always pack your hairdryer or look into a good quality travel size dryer.

Last but not least, are there EVER enough outlets or even one in front of a mirror? I doubt it.

Quick tips:

A microfiber hair towel is a good choice to bring along as it will help speed up the drying process and is light enough to fit into almost any bag!

An outlet adapter can help in a pinch – some can turn one plug into six!

Don’t touch your hair while on the flight, it will make it dirty faster. A loose fitting hat, one that won’t give you “hat hair”, can also act like a barrier to keep your hair fresh.

A twist, braid, or pony are great travel style options too! They always look good and if you do a high pony you can let it down when you land for extra body, or take that braid out for some kinky curls.

A small amount of dry shampoo, baby powder, or even corn starch is great to take along on overnight or extended flights. About 30 min. before landing brush some through your hair to absorb excess oil and to add some extra volume.

If you keep a small hand lotion in your purse you can also use it to calm light frizz and flyaways before all of your beauty essentials are unpacked and accessible.

Safe travels,